After meeting Mr. J. B. Mercer in 2011, it became apparent his knowledge and organizational skills of the Quick Book software and process. He was able to help set up the company Machine Technology LLC accounts in QuickBooks Desktop.

He coached, assisted and followed up on accounting tips which made financial reporting more efficient and accurate for the company

Mr. Mercer displayed highly professional and positive energy that makes him a valuable assets in dealing with sensitive situation. Based on my experience with Mr. J. B. Mercer I would highly recommend him for any new business startup.

M. Sleiman, Accounting Manager
Machine Technology,LLC
Huntsville, AL

Otey’s Real Estate has been using “QuickBooks” and Jay Mercer as our ProAdvisor for several years. He is a good teacher, have lots of patience in instructing and training you on how to use QuickBooks. It has been and still is a pleasure in working with him. I would recommend Mr. Mercer as the ideal person in this line of work.

G.M. Thomas, Office Manager
Otey’s Real Estate Agency, Inc.
Nashville, TN

My church has been on QuickBooks for several years and its really been a blessing. As you know our auditors recommended QuickBooks on line as an accounting software for us to consider. With your leadership and assistance were able to computerize The Greater First Baptist Church’s accounting. Our auditors find it easier to audit our records through the QuickBooks accounting software.

A couple years ago we applied for an elevator loan and the lender was very please with our audited QuickBooks financial statements and our loan rate was lower, which saved the church money. The on-line QuickBooks financial statement provides our church congregation with easier to understand financial information. QuickBooks on-line easily allows you to access the accounting system and not be required to be at the church.

I would highly recommend the QuickBooks on-line accounting software. QuickBooks continues to improve the software and it is very user friendly. More than one user and from different locations.

H. Richards, CPA, Treasurer
The Greater First Baptist Church
Washington, DC

J. B. Mercer has been a great help with advice on our tax problem and how to deal with Internal Revenue and all of the calls that we are getting from Tax Relief Companies.

S. T. Webb
VP of Finance & Marketing
Toles & Associates, Inc.
Memphis, TN .